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Madison Castle

Madison Castle is a distinct family owned and operated business since 2011. Our long history of providing professional and honest craftsmanship to our customers has become our pride. We’ve established and harnessed our expertise in insulation, construction, and pest control within 51 cities across California, either in residential or commercial work. We don’t just insulate homes and take those pests away, but we also make sure to take your worries with it.


We insulate your home from top to bottom to ensure maximum comfort, savings and energy efficiency.

Pest Control

Rodent Control is extremely necessary, whether they are within your homes or even in the surroundings.


Our teams operate across the full infrastructure, leading construction and support services to deliver results.


Cater to a wide range of residential and commercial works across the globe. To maintain and obtain long term customer patronage and satisfaction.


Madison Castle has been up and running, executing its mission in offering services with accurate knowledge and our trade ability. To realize our visions and uphold our standards by placing our customers’ concerns at utmost priority while ensuring the quality of service in every turn.

Core Values

Madison Castle has built its lasting foundation by upholding integrity, fairness, honesty, personal responsibility, and professionalism. We expect no less in ensuring that these values are sustained and put to action.

About the Founder and Team

Madison Castle’s team comprises adept professionals committed to taking an extra leap forward to guarantee optimum service quality in each project we work on.


Madison Castle has qualified for the following licenses that will ensure you are in the hands of capable and dedicated professionals.

General Building Contractor

#: 968203
EXP: 7/31/2021

Pest Control

#: 8472
EXP: 11/31/2035

Pest Control Operator

EXP: 11/31/2035

Customer Review

We value our customer’s satisfaction more than anything, and we push to the limits to make sure that it stays that way. Here are some testimonies that significantly motivate us to keep at it and improve further.

Mike R. Torrance, CA

"Reliable and very nice to work with! He came right away when I contacted him and is dealing with the problem. ”

Solo A.

"He is a perfect gentleman, honest, reliable, and has great integrity.”

Chris I. Lakewood, CA

"Best price and did a very thorough job with the service provided. Coming back in 2 months for the next follow up service. Thank you!””

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